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If you could choose that which you are going to inherit, what would you choose? What would make you really happy? Would you say with the psalmist, “Thy testimonies have I taken as an heritage forever: for they are the rejoicing of my heart. I have inclined my heart to perform thy statutes alway, even unto the end” (Ps. 119:111, 112)?

Do these testimonies of God give you so much joy that what you want to obtain is entrance into the kingdom of heaven, where all the citizens keep God’s law perfectly, and where you will be able to do nothing but walk in perfect love before God?
God’s testimonies and statutes are the laws according to which we were created, and which God designed for our life in the new Jerusalem. There we will have strict, exacting laws in which the citizens of that kingdom find great joy. They are the rejoicing of their hearts, and they will want to be keeping them continuously, everlastingly (v. 112).

Now, an inheritance is obtained only through the death of one who decreed to have you receive it. Here Christ is the One who died, in order that those given Him by the Father might enter that kingdom of righteousness, and be given a life that cannot sin but rejoices in those statutes. These by His Spirit will sing:

Thy precepts are my heritage
For daily they my heart rejoice;
To keep Thy statutes faithfully
Shall ever be my willing choice.

We are surrounded by a host that does not want that kind of future. For them it is a case of seeking this world and the lust thereof. They are interested only in what they can inherit in this life and of this world’s deceptive treasures.

Are you like the psalmist, or like the world that surrounds us? Desire that wonderful inheritance that is coming in the day of Christ, and you may be sure that in God’s grace you will receive it. A kingdom of perfect love is coming. In it, because of the perfect love of God, there will be a perfect love of all the citizens of that kingdom for each other.

Read: I Corinthians 13

Psalter versification: 334:4

This devotional was written by Rev. Heys and published by the Reformed Book Outlet. 

Sep 19, 2019


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