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As the saying goes: “First things come first.” We can err in that respect and often fail to mention or list first what ought to be brought to the attention of our hearers. But God never slips or makes mistakes. Having been told that, we should bless Him for all the benefits which He bestowed upon us. He now in verse 3 of Psalm 103, through David, lists first of all the benefit of the forgiveness of our sins.

There just is no benefit as important as that one. If we do not receive it, we cannot be given the healing of our diseases; we cannot be redeemed from destruction, be crowned with loving kindness and tender mercy, have our mouths satisfied with good things and our youth renewed like the eagle’s. We sing correctly:

He freely pardons all thy sins,
And He is strong to save;
He heals thy sickness, soothes thy pain,
And ransoms from the grave.

In the forgiving of our sins our salvation is begun. If God does not give us this benefit we have no right to any benefit of any kind. God may and does give men food and drink, life and talents, joyful experiences and the like. He gives life and talents also to the devil and his host. But these are not blessings to them, and therefore are not benefits. They are that which they must receive to do what God decreed in His counsel that they should do; but we err if we think that these are works of His loving kindness and tender mercies. Unless He forgives our sins, what He gives us is not a work of His grace. His grace falls only on those whose sins are blotted out by the blood of Christ. There just is no legal basis for the righteous God to bestow His grace on those whose sins are not blotted out.

Since He does forgive our sins, giving us that very im-portant benefit, we surely should bless His name. Forget not all His benefits; but, by all means, do not forget that tremendous gift of forgiveness. You just cannot bless Him too much for that!

Read: Romans 5

Psalter versification: 277:3

This devotional was written by Rev. Heys and published by the Reformed Book Outlet. 

Sep 22, 2019


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