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The following materials were put together after a member school asked what our schools should be doing to protect themselves against attacks by the LGBT coalition.  We encourage Boards to carefully read through these materials. Although the Federation is not a legal professional, the following documents demonstrate that having specific language regarding homosexuality in your school Bylaws, Statements of Faith, Mission Statements, and handbooks is the strongest defense.

From the Alliance Defending Freedom comes this handbook. Although we do not agree with some of the doctrinal stands they take, their advice for schools is valuable.


Also from the Alliance Defending Freedom comes this document demonstrating the need for strong language in your schools materials:

Marriage By Design

Following are news articles with examples of schools being attacked by the LGBT coalition:

Lesbian Parents Sue Christian Academy

What Gay Man’s Court Win Over Catholic Girls School Means

Standard Bearer articles written by Brian Van Engen, a lawyer in Sioux Center, IA:

A Clash of Individual Liberty

The Supreme Court Says Corporations Can Exercise Religion

Religion and Discrimination in Employment

Religion and Discrimination in Employment (2)

Religion and Discrimination in Employment (3)



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