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Jan 8, 2016


From the Eyes to the Heart

Posted in : Blog, Devotional Ideas, Homepage on by : Michael Vander Veen

From the Eyes to the Heart A  soldier sees his fellow soldier shot and killed in the heat of battle.  A fatal car accident. The devastation from a tornado.  These are the images many people who see them say they have ..

Jan 7, 2016


I’m Better Than You

I’m Better Than You The title of this blog entry by Mr. Tim Challies really caught my eye.  It caused me to take the time to read his article and I assume the reason why you are taking the time right now ..

Oct 8, 2015


Bible Vocabulary for Devotions

Posted in : Devotional Ideas on by : Michael Vander Veen
  • The study of the Bible and God has a lot of very interesting vocabulary.  There are many large and difficult to understand words that students hear off the pulpit, come across in catechism, while in school, and in their reading ..