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Nov 13, 2018


The Word and the Image: The Importance of Reading

The Word and the Image: The Importance of Reading   For this post, we return to Veith’s book Reading Between the Lines: A Christian Guide to Literature. Throughout Chapter 1, Veith emphasizes that the Word of God and reading are foundational ..

Nov 1, 2018


Making of the Video “Why Teach?”

From time to time, the TED Committee has considered putting together professional videos to help explain who the Federation is, why teaching is great profession, and information for prospective teachers about the interview  and hiring process. Rubber finally hit the ..

Jun 7, 2018


Reading Between the Lines: A Christian Guide to Literature

Posted in : Blog, Book Reviews, Education, Homepage on by : Michael Vander Veen

As Faith Christian School began its first year of high school with 9th graders, one course I was asked to teach was English. One of the first things I did was reach out to some of my high school English ..

Apr 10, 2018


March 2018 Hope Highlights

Posted in : Blog, Education, Homepage, Newsletter on by : Michael Vander Veen

We’ve added the spring issue of the Hope Highlights to the Newsletter page. You can follow the link to it here. Some of the highlights to note: Mr. Ron Koole pens an interesting article about Hope’s and his experience with ..

Sep 13, 2017


Support for Our Schools

“Physical support for our schools requires more than money; it also demands personal involvement and a great deal of time. Men and women who have a love for their school will spend countless hours working on the school’s behalf. Much of this ..

Aug 15, 2017


True in 1999…Still Pertinent Today

Posted in : Blog, Education, Homepage on by : Michael Vander Veen

As we approach the beginning of another school year in a few weeks, some timely reminders and encouragement would serve parents, teachers, and students well. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll post some articles about going back to school ..

Sep 16, 2016


Recommendations – History & Principles of Reformed Education Course

This winter, the Federation has once again hired Prof. R. Dykstra to teach the History and Principles of Reformed Education Course. This course typically is offered every other year and is of great benefit for all teachers; past, present, and ..

Sep 10, 2016


Bible Memory: Remember Me App

Scripture verse memorization is a major part of the life of any student in our Protestant Reformed schools as it should be.  Not only are they learning the many verses assigned by their teachers throughout the school year, but there ..

Dec 15, 2015


Being Mortal and Hard Discussions

In his book, Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End, Atul Gawande explores two main topics: quality of life for the geriatric population and end-of-life quality for those diagnosed with a terminal illness.  With both topics, Mr. Gawande ..

Dec 15, 2015


The Inverted U

Another point Mr. Gladwell brings up in David and Goliath is class size.  Educational circles have often become enamored with small class sizes.  But can class sizes become too small.  Using the inverted U, Mr. Gladwell makes that point that ..