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Before you do a day’s work, you have no right to the wages of such work. If you do the work before you were chosen as an employee in that office or factory, you have no right to ask for wages for the work which you performed.

So it is that the basic blessing we need is the forgiveness of our sins, and without it we have no right to any blessing. Christ had to do the work of suffering our punishment and of fulfilling God’s law in our stead. And we had to be chosen in Him.

That is why David, moved by God, wrote in Psalm 65:4, “Blessed is the man whom thou choosest, and causeth to approach unto thee, that he may dwell in thy courts: we shall be satisfied with the goodness of thy house, even of thy holy temple.”
It all depends on God’s eternal, sovereign election. God is the one who chooses those for whom Christ will die. Christ must be The Employee for this work;but we must belong to Him, or His work is not for us. What David writes then means that only those are blessed whom God has chosen as the ones for whom Christ would die.

Iniquities and transgressions bring us into debt before God. When we sin we fail to perform a work of love that God demands of us. Such failure does not simply call for a withholding of a blessing, but also the suffering of an everlasting punishment to its end. Christ, the eternal Son of God, can give eternal value to a work He performs in a moment of time.
How blessed then are they who are chosen in Christ. Sing it thus:

How blest are they whom Thou dolt choose
To come and in Thy courts abide;
Communing in Thy holy house,
With good we shall be satisfied.

What praise then is it not that we owe God! It all depended on Him, and all the praise must be bestowed upon Him.

Read: Ephesians 1

Psalter versification: 166:3

This devotional was written by Rev. Heys and published by the Reformed Book Outlet. 

Nov 4, 2019


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