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There are a few times when we are ready to agree that God has dealt well with us. Most of the time, however, things do not go our way and we complain that He is not treating us well. The basic reason for this complaining is that we do not see things as the psalmist does when in Psalm 119:65, 66 he writes, “Thou hast dealt well with thy servant, O Lord, according to thy word. Teach me good judgment and knowledge; for I have believed Thy com¬mandments. ”

Did you notice that he says that God deals well with us according to His word? Our versification explains this for us when it states:

Thou, Lord, hast dealt well with Thy servant,
Thy promise is faithful and just;
Instruct me in judgment and knowledge,
For in Thy commandments I trust.

God’s word here is His word of Promise. Always and constantly God is dealing well with us in that he is giving us what He promised in Christ. That which He promised us is a new sinless life with Him in the new creation. And all that He sends us works together to bring us there. Even as the plans of a house call for pieces of wood to be cut at a certain length and nails to be driven here and there, so our glory calls for affliction and pain, death and the grave, through which we go unto heavenly glory.

No wonder is it then that the psalmist prays that he may be taught good judgment and knowledge. The more knowl-edge we have of God’s promises, the more we will be able to judge that He is dealing well with us and bringing us to what He promised. Look at this present life under the curse, and at the fleshly pleasures which God has not promised, and we will complain and say that He is not dealing well with us. But believing, as the psalmist con¬fesses, that we are His servants, we will look for the day when we can serve Him perfectly. And we will be interested in everything that helps us get there and now reminds us of our calling.

Do you want that kind of heavenly life hereafter? Then you will see that God is dealing with you as He promised and that all is well. Pray that you may have good judgment and knowledge.

Read: Psalm 119:65-80

Psalter versification: 329:1

This devotional was written by Rev. Heys and published by the Reformed Book Outlet. 

Jul 19, 2019


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