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First Lego League Robotics Teams

Baseball, soccer, basketball, band, choir, science fairs, and chess.  These are just some of the opportunities students have to demonstrate their God given talent and abilities, to use and demonstrate the kind of learning and activity that suits them.  Recently, robotics teams have been added to some of our Federation high schools that compliment this list of activities for students.  The trickle down effect has been that some of the Federation elementary schools have also added robotics into their 4th-8th grade levels.

This is a great opportunity for young people who may not be pulled towards athletics.  Robotics isn’t all computers and programming however.  Teamwork, patience, and communication are skills that students in robotics need to learn and demonstrate. There are also places on these team for students who excel at making presentations, being organized leaders, etc.

As more of our schools look into adding First Lego League Robotics Teams, I’ve put together a sheet of hints and tips that may be beneficial for those first year teams looking to get started.  There are many other teams and coaches as well that belong to our Federation schools that I’m sure would be willing to offer advice and help out when needed.  Don’t be afraid to seek them out.

Click on the link below for a PDF of Advice

Starting a FLL Team Advice

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Apr 26, 2016


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