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All the houses that were built are there because God built them through men. Every city that escaped the attacks of an enemy or terrorists still stands because God kept it safe. And how true is it not that every child conceived and born appeared on this earth because God brought it forth through a man and woman. As we read in Psalm 127:3, “Lo, children are a heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is His reward.” Men are God’s trees that bring forth His fruit by the strength that He gives them.

Even as an inheritance is that which is not earned, so children are a free gift from God. Men and women are active, thinking, willing agents, and children are God’s reward to them for their deeds. But children are given, not purchased or earned.

Is there any work of God performed through men that is more amazing? What a wonderful house for the soul is the body! What a gift is the mind and soul that lift man above all the earthly creatures and make him God’s image bearer!

But hold on to the truth that you have children because God willed to give them and brought them forth through you. He decided whether it would be son or daughter, have these or those talents. There is nothing that has life that did not receive it from God. There is no one with this or that nature and ability that did not get it as an inheritance rather than by man’s work or wish.

How much thanks then do we not owe to God for giving us children, but also for our own existence and place in this world. Daily we should sing:

Lo, children are a great reward,
A gift from God in very truth;
With arrows is his quiver stored
Who joys in children of his youth.

All boasting is ruled out about the house we built, and the city we kept intact. But put aside all boasting also about the children God gave you. And every day, as you see them and their children, look up to God on high and bring your thanks to Him. As God’s fruitful trees we must also be a God-praising people. He gave us His Son as our Savior. But He also gave us children as a free gift that we might praise Him.

Read: Genesis 18:1-14

Psalter versification: 359:3

This devotional was written by Rev. Heys and published by the Reformed Book Outlet. 

Mar 16, 2019


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