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During so-called World War II (a truly worldwide war will not come until the days of the Antichrist), it was re-peatedly said, “There are no Atheists in the fox holes.” Then God’s name came upon men’s lips, and they cried to God for help and protection. Yet what David says in Psalm 53:4 is true. Those who say in their hearts that there is no God do not call upon God in prayer. A heart that says that there is no God will surely not call upon Him. Such a heart calls it folly to pray to a “nonexistent being.”

This is to be understood, for when a man looks heavenward to view the fleecy clouds, he is looking away from the grass at his feet. When he tries to find a coin which he dropped in the beach sand, he is turned away from the clouds above him. And that man that tramples God’s law under feet, because in his heart he says that there is no God, is surely correctly described in the versification we considered yesterday:

These men of evil deeds
Will they no knowledge gain,
Who feed upon my people’s woes,
And prayer to God disdain?

With their minds they know better, and therefore in their desperate situations, when death seems very close, they will cry out for help and safety. With their lips they will call Him almighty and confess that they depend upon Him. They will clearly reveal that they believe that He is Elohim, that is, the Almighty One who can save them from physical woes. But in their hearts they will still deny Him. No sooner is the danger over and their cursing and evil deeds reappear.

Examine your life. Do you confess God in your moments of trouble, and at once? While all goes smoothly for your flesh, do you forget Him, or thank Him for all His works? This past minute He gave you 60 to 80 heartbeats. Do they go by without thanks at the close of the day, but also at times between your arising and retiring at night?

Say it, as implied in David’s words, that in Him you live, move, and have all your being. And call upon Him to thank Him for all the spiritual life as well as physical life He gives you.

Read: Psalm 121

Psalter versification: 146:4

This devotional was written by Rev. Heys and published by the Reformed Book Outlet. 

Mar 11, 2016


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