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Tier 2 Mentoring Materials

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Tier 2: Walking Alongside First-Year Teachers

A Mentoring Program for Protestant Reformed Christian Education

Second Tier Mentoring Program Materials

Tier 2 Mentoring Program Resources (This is a large 94-page document. If you want individual articles, see below)

Individual Resources

Table of Contents – Mentoring Reading List

Mentor Program Materials by Meeting

The Good Mentor – Rowley, J.B.

First Meeting Materials

Reformed Education – The Goal of Reformed Education (pgs. 81-94) – Engelsma

Teaching Christianly – Smith, B.

Bryan Smith – Biblical Integration (Part 1)

Bryan Smith – Biblical Integration (Part 2)

Second Meeting Materials

Conviction for Christian Education – Haak, C.

Principles and Practices of Discipline in the Christian School – Minderhoud, J. & Alsum, M.

Reformed Education – The Protestant Reformed Teacher (pgs. 61-67)- Engelsma

Soul Care and Body Care (Sermon Audio Link) – David Murray

Discipline in the Classroom – Kalsbeek, J.

Teaching Devotional Skills to Christian School Children – Karsemeyer, S.

The Reformed Teacher’s Devotional Diligence – Holstege, J.

Third Meeting Materials

Reformed Education – World-flight (pgs. 49-54) – Engelsma

The Tools of Change Teaching Strategies that Challenge Students – Scott, Wesley

Grading Overload – 12 Time-Saving Assessment Strategies – Haynes, K.

Report-Card Writing Strategies for First Timers – Willi, D.

Parent-Teacher Conferences – Jabaay, L.

Fourth Meeting Materials

Parent Teacher Conference Questions – Grisler, Peggy and Eberts, Marge

Working with Veteran Teachers-Advice for New Teachers – Education Oasis

Fifth Meeting Materials

Christian Education (The Standard Bearer) – Hoeksema, H.

The Marks of a Quality Board – Lowrie, Jr. R.W & Lowrie, R.L.

The Protestant Reformed Teachers’ Institute and the Federation of Protestant Reformed Christian School-Their History and Relationship – Lubbers, A.

Sixth Meeting Materials

Basic Concepts in Christian Pedagogy – Chapter 3 – Authority, Discipline, and Freedom in Christian Education – Waterink, J.