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Tier 2: Walking Alongside First-Year Teachers

A Mentoring Program for Protestant Reformed Christian Education

The official document for the Mentoring Program is still being finalized. Once it is finished, it will be finalized. However, the resources that go with the program are available below.

Tier 2 Mentoring Program Resources (This is a large 94 page document. If you want individual articles, see below)


Individual Resources

Table of Contents – Mentoring Reading List

Mentor Program Readings

Teaching Christianly – Smith, B.

Conviction for Christian Education – Haak, C.

Principles and Practices of Discipline in the Christian School – Minderhoud, J. & Alsum, M.

Discipline in the Classroom – Kalsbeek, J.

Teaching Devotional Skills to Christian School Children – Karsemeyer, S.

The Refomred Teacher’s Devotional Diligence – Holstege, J.

Basic Concepts in Christian Pedagogy – Waterink, J.

Grading Overload – 12 Time-Saving Assessment Strategies – Haynes, K.

Report-Card Writing Strategies for First Timers – Willi, D.

Parent-Teacher Conferences – Jabaay, L.

Parental Grievances – Kalsbeek, J.

Working with Veteran Teachers-Advice for New Teachers – Education Oasis

Christian Education (The Standard Bearer) – Hoeksema, H.

The Marks of a Quality Board – Lowrie, Jr. R.W & Lowrie, R.L.

The Protesant Reformed Teachers’ Institute and the Federation of Protestant Reformed Christian School-Their History and Relationship – Lubbers, A.

Authority, Discipline, and Freedom in Christian Education – Waterink, J.

The Good Mentor – Rowley, J.B.

From Reformed Education: The Christian School as Demand of the Covenant (Revised ed.). Grandville, MI: Reformed Free Publishing Association

The Goal of Reformed Education (pgs. 81-94)

The Protestant Reformed Teacher (pgs. 61-67)

World-flight (pgs. 49-54)