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OUR GUIDING LIGHT – September 16

Not only is it foolish but also dishonest to promise that which you know you cannot do. And therefore one might wonder why the psalmist wrote in Psalm 119:106, “I have sworn and I will perform it, that I will keep thy righteous judgments.” How does he dare to do that?

Well, for one thing, he reveals in the preceding verse what enables him to do what he swore he would do. He stated, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” And although these words do not directly state how he would be able to do these works demanded by God in His righteous judgment, this does explain why he knows the requirements, that is, where he must walk and how he must conduct himself. God’s word makes that clear. In this night of sin, wherein we all are since the fall of Adam through Satan’s lie, God’s word shows us what we were created to do, namely, walk in love before God and bring all of creation unto God in praise and thanksgiving. Satan deceived us into believing that we are here for our fleshly pleasures. Therefore we think, by nature, that we can de¬cide what is good and evil for us.

The word of God, our Bible, gives us light and shows us not only exactly where to walk, but also that we can walk because of God’s grace in Christ. So that now we may sing:

Thy word sheds light upon my path;
A shining light, it guides my feet;
Thy righteous judgments to observe
My solemn vow I now repeat.

Your bankbook and checkbook are not your most valuable books. Scripture is our richest book, a treasure in our hearts. By all means do not leave it closed and on the shelf. Read it every day so that you may keep this vow.

God’s word reveals Christ to us as His Word became flesh. Christ makes it possible for us to keep God’s righteous judgments. Meet Him in God’s word. He will guide you and lighten your way, so that your feet are walking in righteousness before God.

Read: Psalm 119:97-112

Psalter versification: 334:1

This devotional was written by Rev. Heys and published by the Reformed Book Outlet. 

Sep 16, 2019


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