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"Bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ"


After his profound and powerful confession that, “The Lord is my shepherd, – David in Psalm 23:1 expresses with absolute confidence: “I want nothing.” That is a better translation than, “I shall not want.” For what we need above all is a shepherd who will supervise our whole life, take constant care of us, protect us from all our enemies and lead us to the glory of the kingdom of heaven. Having Jehovah as our shepherd all these needs will be taken care of in full. We shall not want because of what we now have. Having Jehovah as our shepherd we want nothing. All we need is in Him, and having Him we want nothing.

This is true because He is the I AM. That is what His name means; and to the believer that means volumes. That name tells us that He depends upon no one and upon nothing. Every creature — and that includes the devil —depends upon Him for all its existence. All creatures must say, “I will be, if it pleases Him.” Only God can say “I AM,” because He has in Himself all He needs for His life. He is, therefore, also unchangeable and cannot be changed or influenced by any creature. All creatures depend upon Him completely. Therefore also He has absolute control over them all.

He then is the one Who can and does take care of us, the shepherd who will unerringly lead us to the kingdom of heaven. Put your trust in Him completely. Doubt not for the slightest moment the safety of your body and soul. The first thing to do when you awake every morning is to sing:

My shepherd is the Lord, Who knows my need, And I am blest;
By quiet streams in pastures green He leads,
And makes me rest.
My soul He saves and for His own name’s sake He guides my feet the paths of right to take.

And because Jehovah has given us to His Son, so that we are the sheep of His flock, all is well. Giving us His Son He supplied all our needs. We may not get all that our flesh desires, and all what we think we need. But we will receive everything we need to arrive presently in the kingdom of His dear Son, where we will not know what want is and will ever be full.

Read: Psalm 23

Psalter versification: 56:1

This devotional was written by Rev. Heys and published by the Reformed Book Outlet. 

Jan 18, 2020


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