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Perspectives in Covenant Education – Previous Editions Now Available on PRCS.org

The Protestant Reformed Teachers Institute (PRTI) has recently had all of their old editions scanned into PDF’s. This is one bit of fruit that was born out of the work of the Teacher Training Committee of the Federation of Protestant Reformed School Societies. In preparing reading materials for a mentoring program, old editions of the Perspectives were found to contain a trove of information that would be useful to teachers new and old. Since then, the PRTI has had all old copies scanned and they have asked that we make them available on the Federation website. We will slowly begin to upload one edition at a time and highlight the articles found within. These previous editions can be found under the Resources tab on the Federation website. http://www.prcs.org/perspectives-in-covenant-education/

We begin by looking at the very first edition of Perspectives in Covenant Education, the October 1975 edition. Its first editor was Ms. Agatha Lubbers who begins with an introduction to the PRTI and how at the 20th PRTI meeting, the impetus for Perspectives was put into place.

Mr. Calvin Kalsbeek contributed to an article on a mini-course held over 4 days in August of 1975 at the Seminary with Rev. Engelsma as the main speaker.

Rev. Englesma’s speech is contained in the next article titled “The Protestant Reformed Teacher.” This would be his fourth out of five speeches that would become the basis for his monumental book, Reformed Education.

Potpourri by Mr. Roland Peterson was an invitation for teachers to contribute articles of their own. His focus was on encouragement for teachers to have the young boys sing soprano.

Mr. Jim Huizenga writes about the theological basis for writing. “The Biblical doctrine, then, that is the foundation for the teaching of writing in the Christian school is the doctrine of the Covenant.” “The Christian writer is concerned with sharing knowledge of God and insights into the will and working of God.” Great points indeed and many more can be found in his article.

Darrel Huisken closes out the first edition with a timeless recommendation for parents to read aloud to their children. “Read aloud. In the home,to the children can be exposed to the kind of reading they originally do not get in the school, for example, religious periodicals, biographies, church histories, certain types of fiction, and poetry. The Primary book that reads excellently is the King James Version of the Bible.” True today as it was back then.

Feb 26, 2020


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