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No child ever had anything to say as to whether he would or would not be conceived and born. No man or woman can decide that a child is going to be born to them. They may be very desirous of having a child, and there may seem to be no reason why they cannot have one. But whether they will or not depends upon God’s will.

Concerning God, David writes in Psalm 36:9: “For with thee is the fountain of life; in thy light shall we see light. We therefore sing:

The fountain of eternal life I found alone with Thee,
And in the brightness of Thy light
We clearly light shall see.

This is so important for us to remember when we are considering being born again with the everlasting life of the kingdom of heaven. As surely as no child is born physically at its request, so surely no man is born again with spiritual life because he asked for it. He cannot ask for it, or even want it, until it has already been given to him. He was not here physically before his natural birth, and therefore could not ask for it. There was likewise no spiritual life in him that could want to ask for a rebirth, until he had already been born again. Christ earned it for us, and God eternally decreed that we would have it.

Is it not God who speaks here through David and says that the fountain of life is with Him? Yesterday we saw that salvation belongs to God. It is His work from beginning to end; and all the credit, the praise and thanksgiving for it must be given to God. Being born again is the beginning of that salvation in us. It is a free gift that we do not even want until it has been begun in us.

And since even the desire for it is God’s gift to us, we owe Him everlasting praise and thanksgiving. Not one drop of the water of everlasting life that comes out of this fountain of life comes from us. Before we receive life out of it, we cannot even see that Christ is that Fountain of Life. Did not those not born again crucify Christ, this Fountain of Life? Born again we see Christ as that whole source of our new heavenly life.

Read: Psalm 36

Psalter versification: 94:4

This devotional was written by Rev. Heys and published by the Reformed Book Outlet. 

Dec 5, 2018


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