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Life will always manifest itself, and today men measure life not merely by the beating of the heart but also by brain waves. If brain waves can still be found, there is the possi-bility that the heart can be induced to begin beating again. Otherwise it is hopeless to try. And in our spiritual life there are both of these signs of life.

We find this truth in Psalm 54:6 where David writes, “I will freely sacrifice unto thee: I will praise thy name, O Lord; for it is good.” Or as our versification has it:

My sacrifice of praise
To Thee I freely bring;
My thanks, 0 Lord, to Thee I raise
And of Thy goodness sing.

Take note of the fact that David speaks of deeds that surely reveal that his heart is beating and enables him to bring a sacrifice of thanksgiving. He does not mean a sacrifice necessary for obtaining salvation, but one of thanks because he has received this gift. It is not one of shedding of blood, but one of thankfulness for bloodshed. And when we today sing praises to God as our Savior in Christ, we reveal that we have the gift of salvation.

However, there are “brain waves” and not mechanical devices that make our hearts beat and enable us to bring a sacrifice of thanksgiving to God. David speaks of the truth in his mind that God is good. Here are spiritual “brain waves,” mental activity that makes our hearts beat with thankfulness to God. The minute we doubt God’s good¬ness, and question what His name declares to us concerning Him, we cease praising Him. Our hearts will continue to beat, but not in love to God. We can be forced by church rules to go through the motions of singing His praises and of thanking Him, but it does not come from the assurance in the mind that He is good. We are not revealing spiritual life.

How important then is the Word of God to stimulate us and teach us how good He is in His Son. What reason then do we not have to sing His praises and to thank Him for a salvation that is full and free?

Read: Psalm 52

Psalter versification: 147:3

This devotional was written by Rev. Heys and published by the Reformed Book Outlet. 

Jun 23, 2016


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