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2019 Summer Seminar

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When Your Student is Hurting: Biblical and Reformed Counseling

Students come to school with the burdens of sin.  Not only are they sinners, they also live in a fallen world and resultantly bear the marks of sins committed against them.  These marks don’t disappear when they walk into the classroom.  Because the student’s personal life intersects school life at so many points, teachers often find themselves at the side of a child or adolescent who is hurting with the pain from a dysfunctional home.  Sometimes that child or adolescent is experiencing the pain caused by their own sinful decisions.  Teachers often find themselves at a loss in these situations.  How do they understand the student?  What can they do?  What should they do?  This seminar provides the Christian teacher with a Reformed and Biblical understanding of counseling.  It will also shed light on some of the struggles students come to school with.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Rev. Eriks
Terri Pols
Mark and Donna Kelderman

Faith PRC (Jenison, MI)