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Updated September 24, 2016

The TED Committee has spent extensive time over the past year working on and developing a plan for a Teacher Training Program.  This endeavor is now in the hands of the Delegates of Federation who will be meeting in October of 2016.  The TED Committee recommends that further research and a more in-depth study of a Teacher Training Program needs to be done.  However, the singular focus is required for this task is not something the TED Committee can continue to do on its own.  Therefore, the TED Committee is recommending to the Delegates that more study and research be done by a newly formed Teacher Training Committee. The full document can be read by clicking on the Teacher Training Committee Proposal below.

Teacher Training Committee Proposal


Original Materials

Quotes from the

“The endeavor to establish a formal teacher training program for Protestant Reformed teachers is not novel. It has been discussed for many generations. The Standard Bearer has not been silent. Valid attempts have been made. With this in mind, this current proposal does not articulate a need that is only recently felt, nor does it introduce a vision that is only recently grasped.”

“As of yet the need for a formal teacher training program has not been satisfied. Over the last seventy years calls for such a program have gone out. Individuals here and there have given good efforts to respond to those calls. A single course of instruction has been established, but the reality of a thorough and systematic teacher training program still eludes us.”

The Proposal Document

Board Questionnaire Cover Letter

Teacher Training Program Board Questionnaire


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