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One may be very rich in earthly goods and desperately poor in spiritual life. And one may be honored as one full of worldly wisdom, and by God be called a fool. Men there are who teach in colleges and universities and have high sounding titles and a string of degrees behind their names. Yet, through David, God calls them fools in Psalm 53:1. There we read: “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.”

These men deny that God created the world. Their ex-planation of the world’s existence is that intense heat and cold acted upon gaseous vapors. But they make no attempt to explain where that gaseous vapor, cold, and heat came from, and thus only push the question back without answering it.

Such men take God’s name in vain in order to emphasize their words, even while they insist that He does not exist. What folly it is to spend time and money to fight an enemy whom you declare nonexistent!

Very correctly our versification of David’s words has it:

Fools in their heart have said,
There is no God of might;
Corrupt are they and base their deeds,
In evil they delight.

We had better be careful, however, because there is so much of this sinfulness and foolishness in us. In our hearts, as we are by nature, is this same folly, and often it comes across our lips.

How often have you ascribed this or that to luck, or called this or that good luck or bad luck? You never said, “I was lucky'”? Or, “It was just a case of tough luck”? Whenever we ascribe anything to luck, David is used by God to point his finger at us and to tell us that we are behaving as fools.

It is sin and folly to deny God in anything that happens. And by that word “luck” we deny that the everywhere present and almighty God has caused this or that to take place. We rule Him out, and our god is luck!

By all means let us start today to praise God, and never let that word “luck” fall from our lips, except when we condemn its use.

Read: Psalm 53

Psalter versification: 146:1

This devotional was written by Rev. Heys and published by the Reformed Book Outlet. 

Mar 7, 2020


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