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Making of the Video “Why Teach?”

From time to time, the TED Committee has considered putting together professional videos to help explain who the Federation is, why teaching is great profession, and information for prospective teachers about the interview  and hiring process. Rubber finally hit the road this past summer when we hired O’Rourke Media out of Byron Center to help professional produce these videos.

About a dozen teachers, parents, Board members, and past Executive Directors were asked if they would be willing to come in and allow themselves to be recorded. Potential questions were sent to the interviewees and a full day was scheduled to do the recordings. We met with Rick O’Rouke the day before to go over locations, set-up, and to make sure we were on the same page. Recordings took place at Adams Christian School starting around 8 a.m. with the final interview finishing up around 4 p.m.


As those who were interviewed can attest to, it’s no easy task to sit in front of a camera with the bright lights on and keep all of your thoughts together when answering questions. Our interviewees did a fabulous job of giving us great sound bites, laughing at themselves when they messed up, and being willing to do take after take. Mr. O’Rourke was also very professional and make the process move along smoothly. In the end, about 2 hours of raw video was created.


We’ve begun the process of going through the videos to determine what questions and answers fit best with each video. We focused on the video “Why Teach?” first because there is a dire need within our schools for more teachers. After many hours or reviewing video, we were able to narrow a rough cut of the video down to twenty minutes. However, our stated goal was to produce a 3-5 minute video filled with positive sound bites about teaching that we could put in front of our young people to encourage them to think about teaching as their calling in life.  We ended up choosing ten short clips to produce a five minute video. You can check it out here.


We decided that we will still use the lengthier twenty minute video. A link to this longer video will be inserted at the end of the five minute video. There was just a wealth of good material and we really desire that our young people will check it out.  We’ve enjoyed producing these videos and are excited about the potential for their use. Please share them and especially encourage parents to put them in front of our juniors and seniors in high school in order to inspire them to consider teaching.

Nov 1, 2018


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