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In this vale of tears and sorrows where we live, our lives are characterized by ups and downs. We can, as children of God, be one minute on the mountain top of faith, and with David confess that God is our light and our salvation. The next minute we can slip down into doubts and perplexities. Then with David we cry out that God hide not His face from us, and put us not away in anger. The reason for this is not that God has changed. It is due to the fact that we still have a sinful nature, and that there is so much in our lives that reveals that in us there is no reason why God should be our light and our salvation. Looking at ourselves we see that there is no reason for us not to be afraid, not of men, but of God’s holy wrath. When we fall into sin, we fall down from the mountain top of faith. We read in Psalm 15 that only “He that walketh uprightly and worketh righteousness” shall dwell in God’s house.

Therefore it is so necessary that we with David pray, “Teach me thy way, O Lord, and lead me in a plain path, because of my enemies” Psalm 27:11. For God’s way is the way of His commandments. The plain path is better translated as the level path, one without ups and downs, but instead one with a steady faith and righteous walk. A plain is a level piece of ground. Mountains may be in the distance, but there are no chasms and canyons on it. And it is when we walk on God’s way, which is prescribed in His law, and we know what He demands of us in every cir¬cumstance of life, that we will enjoy the truth that He is our light and our salvation. When we walk on the level and do not fall into sin, we will have that assurance that God is our light and salvation. We will know how to please Him, and find in our walk that He has begun salvation in us.

And we need to be taught His way because of the temp-tations of deceitful Satan and his followers. Well may we then pray and sing:

Teach me, O Lord, Thy way,
Make plain to me Thy path;
Because of foes, I pray;
Protect me from their wrath:
To false accusers, cruel foes,
O, Lord, do not my soul expose.

Read: Psalm 1

Psalter versification: 72:3

This devotional was written by Rev. Heys and published by the Reformed Book Outlet. 

Aug 11, 2020


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