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Why Christian Education?

“Thankful for our Christian schools”. As parents post pictures of their children heading off for the first day of school on various social media sites, they often add this previous phrase. Parent do this because they understand the value of the Christian school. They have confidence in the teachers who adhere to the doctrines they love and profess and who now help teach them to their children.  This was not always the case. In some communities years ago,  public schools or single room school houses were filled with teachers who went to the same churches as the parents and students. There was no need many felt for a separate school. But in the early 1900’s with the make-up of the schools changing, some began to see the need for separate Christian schools run by parents. Rev. H. Hoeksema was one of those men. In 1916 while preaching at Holland Fourteenth St. church, he delivered a sermon encouraging parents to use the Christian. The PDF of that sermon, printed in Volume 3 of the Standard Bearer in 1927 follows. You will find other material regarding Christian Education on this site under the resources tab.

Christian Education – Rev. H. Hoeksema – 1916 Sermon

Sep 6, 2017


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