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A Heart to Teach – Be Still and Know (1)

To anyone who has been paying any attention to the latest school “news cycle”, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there aren’t enough teachers. However, unlike the news that often crosses through the news stations of the world, this isn’t going to disappear as quickly as it arrived. It’s not a flash-in-the-pan, “boy-calling-wolf” situation ...

Winter School Newsletters

If you are stuck at home because of the snow today, warm up with these three newsletters. You can catch up on what is going on in our Federation schools as well as enjoy some lovely writing by students and teachers alike. Northwood Lights - Covenant Christian School - Lynden, WA  Northwood Lights - Winter ...

Daily Devotional


One of the virtues of God that calls for praise from our lips is often kept in the background of our minds and not frequently expressed in our prayers and songs. That virtue is God's faithfulness. Yet all the good God does for us is there, because He is everlastingly faithful to His covenant promises given in Christ. The idea expressed by the psalmist is that He is true to His word. He states it this way, "The truth of the Lord en-dureth forever." And the versification of Psalm 117:1 therefore has it correctly when it states: His loving kindness bless, His constant faithfulness And changeless truth confess; Praise ye the Lord. This fits in so beautifully when in the original we find, not, "Praise the Lord," but "Praise Jehovah." That name literally means "I AM." There is then no change in Him. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Never does He say, "I was." Never does He say that He will be differ-ent from what He eternally has been. He has kept His word because nothing can make Him change His mind or will. What He eternally decreed, He will do. What He promised us in Christ will surely come to pass. The things round about us keep changing. The seasons come and go. The sun rises and sets. The days, weeks, and years fly by and never return. But God is not only here exactly as He eternally was, but His thoughts and desires are eternally the same. He will fulfill every covenant promise in its smallest detail. Praise Him then today for His merciful kindness; but have no doubt in your mind as to whether He' will deal in loving kindness tomorrow and into everlasting life. When sickness and disease come; when weakness and forgetfulness ...


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Why Teach? is meant to be an encouragement to our young people to prayerfully consider teacher. Just as Hannah prayed for a child whom she could give to the Lord to be a Godly leader for Isarel, we ask that Godly parents promote as much as possible to calling of being a teacher in our Protestant Reformed schools.

Call for Website Contributors

Our new website will only remain relevant with fresh, new material. Although we believe the site has a good foundation, it will soon flounder and go back to being irrelevant if we don’t put up new materials each week. If you encounter a book you can review, a hot topic you’d like to comment or reflect on, an article online that may be of interest to others, we would appreciate your sharing and helping us out. You can contact our Website Director, Mike Vander Veen via email to share your idea or materials or to learn how you can help.

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