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Winter School Newsletters

If you are stuck at home because of the snow today, warm up with these three newsletters. You can catch up on what is going on in our Federation schools as well as enjoy some lovely writing by students and teachers alike. Northwood Lights - Covenant Christian School - Lynden, WA  Northwood Lights - Winter ...

Our Second Federation Video – The Interview and Hiring Process

Today the second video produced by the Federation was published. We are very thankful for the willingness of the individuals in these videos to put themselves out there by being interviewed. We pray that God blesses these efforts and that prospective teachers have a better understanding of the interview and hiring process. Although, there is ...

Daily Devotional


Psalm 117 is the shortest Psalm and the briefest chapter in the Bible, consisting in only two verses, and in our translation having no more than thirty-three words. But size does not always indicate value. A small diamond is worth far more than a piece of coal that is ten times larger. And this Psalm, though very brief, expresses a very important truth. In this Psalm the call comes to all men: '”O praise the Lord, all ye nations: Praise Him, all ye people" Psalm 117: 1. And to get the idea of its significance, listen to what we read in Isaiah 43:21, namely, "This people have I formed for myself; they shall show forth my praise." Turn also to I Peter 2:9, where we read, "But ye are a chosen genera¬tion, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should show forth the praises of Him Who called you out of darkness into His marvellous light." Because of our sinful flesh, it may not seem important or delightful to praise God; but the three texts above reveal how important it is in God's eyes, and how much He de-lights in it. God sent His own Son that a people might be formed to praise Him. He poured out the vials of hellish agonies, which our sins called for, upon that Son, in order that we might be called out of darkness into His marvelous light in order to praise Him. Having done all this He surely con-siders praise to His name important, and finds delight in it. Well, therefore, may we sing this versification of the Psalm: With thankful voice praise ye the Lord, Jehovah's praise in song record; Yea, all ye people everywhere, Jehovah's worthy praise declare. When all the work of salvation is completed ...


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Why Teach? is meant to be an encouragement to our young people to prayerfully consider teacher. Just as Hannah prayed for a child whom she could give to the Lord to be a Godly leader for Isarel, we ask that Godly parents promote as much as possible to calling of being a teacher in our Protestant Reformed schools.

Call for Website Contributors

Our new website will only remain relevant with fresh, new material. Although we believe the site has a good foundation, it will soon flounder and go back to being irrelevant if we don’t put up new materials each week. If you encounter a book you can review, a hot topic you’d like to comment or reflect on, an article online that may be of interest to others, we would appreciate your sharing and helping us out. You can contact our Website Director, Mike Vander Veen via email to share your idea or materials or to learn how you can help.

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