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Fall Newsletters

What's going on in our member schools? These four newsletters from Adams Christian, PRCS/HCHS in Dyer, Faith in Randolph, and Hope MI will give you a little insight. Enjoy them over a cup of warm coffee in your easy chair and read about the teaching and work going on in our Protestant Reformed schools. Announcer ...

The Word and the Image: The Importance of Reading

The Word and the Image: The Importance of Reading For this post, we return to Veith's book Reading Between the Lines: A Christian Guide to Literature. Throughout Chapter 1, Veith emphasizes that the Word of God and reading are foundational to Christianity. God has revealed himself in His Word and reading the Scriptures is one of ...

Daily Devotional

THE BLESSED MEEK – December 14

Would it comfort you and give you peace of mind if you could be given a glimpse into God's book of life, and find your name there, written in indelible ink? Well, you can and should do that. We have the Scriptures, God's word, and in it He tells us whether our names are in that book of life or not. In Psalm 25 David is used by God to tell us that those who are meek, and in that meekness keep His covenant and His testimonies, have their names in that book of life, and that Christ blotted out their sins and earned everlasting glory for them. For in Psalm 25:9, 10 we read: "The meek will he guide in judgment: and the meek will he teach his way. All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth unto such as keep his covenant and his testimonies." Our versification has it thus: The pathways of the Lord Are Truth and mercy sure To such as keep His covenant And testimonies pure. Keeping God's covenant and testimonies reveals true, sincere meekness before God. That meekness declares un-deniably that these are those whom God is guiding on the way to everlasting heavenly bliss. Did Jesus not say that the meek are blessed, because they shall inherit the earth? (Matt. 5:5). Meekness here means meekness before God. Such meekness is bowing humbly before His will. It means that by word and deed we say that He is God, and that we are creatures made by Him for His glory, creatures who must do His will continuously. We must walk the path He designed for us here below. It is the pathway of love to Him. Every sin is an act of pride. In it we lift ourselves above God and say ...


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Our First Video!!!

Why Teach? is meant to be an encouragement to our young people to prayerfully consider teacher. Just as Hannah prayed for a child whom she could give to the Lord to be a Godly leader for Isarel, we ask that Godly parents promote as much as possible to calling of being a teacher in our Protestant Reformed schools.

Call for Website Contributors

Our new website will only remain relevant with fresh, new material. Although we believe the site has a good foundation, it will soon flounder and go back to being irrelevant if we don’t put up new materials each week. If you encounter a book you can review, a hot topic you’d like to comment or reflect on, an article online that may be of interest to others, we would appreciate your sharing and helping us out. You can contact our Website Director, Mike Vander Veen via email to share your idea or materials or to learn how you can help.

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