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A Heart to Teach – Pulled (5)

Dipping the sleek paddle edge into the water, I glide the kayak smoothly through the calm waters of the lake. The early morning mist rises from the water in a blanket, covering the surface in a cloud-like embrace. On the nearby shore, fowl warble morning-greetings and welcome the day before casting aloft, circling above me ...

A Heart to Teach – Then I Won’t Want to Teach (4)

It was 2013. I was no longer in education. I’d officially notified the College of Education at Grand Valley State University that I wouldn’t be continuing in the Fall. Now what? I’d be continuing my education to finish with a 4-year English degree, although the jobs I could get with that degree didn’t particularly draw ...

Daily Devotional


In this season when our thoughts are directed in a special way to the suffering and death of our Savior, we ought to listen to the psalmist in Psalm 106:2. There the psalmist states, "Who can utter the mighty acts of the Lord, and who can show forth His praise?" And undoubtedly the greatest wonder, the mighty deed of God behind all that which His Son did for us, and causes His glory to shine forth most beautifully, as well as calls for praise, is the fact that God Himself came into our flesh to become one of us. Indeed, His virgin birth was an amazing miracle, a mighty wonder that calls for endless praise. It was a miracle that man cannot begin to dupli¬cate; and there is just nothing like it in all the history of mankind. But more wonderful, more amazing is the fact that through this wonder of the virgin birth God Himself became flesh and tabernacled with us so that we could see Him and touch Him. The infinite One became finite. The Creator of all became a creature so that He might be our covenant Head and represent us. Truly our salvation is a wonder, and as we consider for a few days what God's Son did for our salvation, our wonder ought to grow, and our praise to God ought to increase. The implications and significance of that incarnation of the Son of God are so great that God Himself prepared an ever-lasting life, so that His people might utter His mighty acts and never come to an end of doing so, nor ever lose the im-plication and significance of it. Not one of the elect in that new Jerusalem will ever run out of words, or think that he sees less reason for ...


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Why Teach? is meant to be an encouragement to our young people to prayerfully consider teacher. Just as Hannah prayed for a child whom she could give to the Lord to be a Godly leader for Isarel, we ask that Godly parents promote as much as possible to calling of being a teacher in our Protestant Reformed schools.

Call for Website Contributors

Our new website will only remain relevant with fresh, new material. Although we believe the site has a good foundation, it will soon flounder and go back to being irrelevant if we don’t put up new materials each week. If you encounter a book you can review, a hot topic you’d like to comment or reflect on, an article online that may be of interest to others, we would appreciate your sharing and helping us out. You can contact our Website Director, Mike Vander Veen via email to share your idea or materials or to learn how you can help.

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