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Here is a list of the current advertised positions by member schools:

If you have a position you would like advertised on this page, please contact the webmaster at federationofprschools@gmail.com


Teaching Positions for 2018-2019

Covenant Christian High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan is accepting applications from members of the Protestant Reformed Churches for two positions. We are seeking to fill a full time teaching position in the English department for the 2018-2019 school year. We are also seeking to fill a full time position in our Academic Support Program. Applications and position information can be obtained by contacting Rick Noorman at 616-453-5048 or ricknoorman@gmail.com or Dr. Doug Bleyenburg at drbleyenburg @comcast.net.

The Edmonton Protestant Reformed Christian School is in need of a full-time teacher for the 2018- 2019 school year. The school will be starting from grades 1-3, and the board is willing to work with the teacher on a curriculum suited to their preference. Please contact Gord Tolsma at gr.tolsma@gmail.com  or 780-777- 5780 or Scott Ferguson at s_r_ferguson@hotmail.com.

Faith Christian School of Randolph, WI is seeking one full-time teacher for a high school position in 2018-2019. There is the possibility of teaching some 7th & 8th grade classes depending on the applicants abilities and preferences. All interested individuals should contact Jack Regnerus (jackbuiltregs@gmail.com or 920-296-3529) or Mike Vander Veen (mvanderveen@randolphfcs.org or 920-296-4406) for more information or to apply.

Genesis Protestant Reformed School in Lacombe, Alberta is currently seeking applications for a teacher for the position of grades 1-3 for the up-coming 2018/2019 school year. Please email all inquires or applications gprschool@gmail.com or contact Justin Tolsma at 1-403-596-5450.

Heritage Christian School (Hudsonville, MI) is accepting applications for 3 teaching positions. They include: a full time elementary position; a full time junior high/curriculum director position; and a 2 day Resource Room position. To apply, or to ask questions, please contact Brian Kuiper, Administrator (616-350- 1830,bkuiper@hchr.org) or John VanUffelen (Education Committee Chairman (616-218- 2772, jgvanuffelen@gmail.com) by February 5, 2018.

Heritage Christian High School & Protestant Reformed Christian School of Dyer, IN, are seeking applications from qualified, Protestant Reformed individuals for a full time position in our Discovery Center (Resource Room.) To apply or if you have any questions, please contact either administrator, Ralph Medema (ralph.medema@heritagechs.org), or Ryan Van Overloop (ryan.vanoverloop@dyerprcs.org).

Hope PR School in Grand Rapids, is seeking Protestant Reformed applicants to fill a lower elementary teaching position as well as a 6th grade teacher for the 2018-2019 school year. Contact Ron Koole, administrator, at 616-453-9717, or rkoole@hopeprcschool.org if interested.

The Board of Hope Christian School in Redlands, California is seeking applicants for 2 full-time teaching positions (including an administrator position) for high school grades as well as on full time teaching position for junior high (6-8)  beginning next school year (2018/2019). All interested persons should contact Ron VanVoorthuysen (909-499-2350, ron.revco@me.com) or Scott Gaastra (909-910- 2673, Scott.Gaastra@gmail.com).

Loveland PRC School is seeking applicants for full-time personal assistant and teacher for Carlyn Poortinga for the 2018-2019 school year. All applicants are asked to send notice of interest to B.J. Mowery at bj.mowery@gmail.com.

The Northwest Iowa Protestant Reformed School in Doon, IA, is seeking a teacher for grades 3 and 4 for the 2018-2019 school year as well as an Administrator. For more information please contact Brent Wynia – 712-470-2757, brentwynia@hotmail.com or Joey Mantel – 712-470-6493, jsmantel@outlook.com.

Protestant Reformed Christian School of Dyer, IN, has three teaching positions we are looking to fill. We are seeking applicants for a Discovery Center/resource room teacher, for a junior high teacher, and for a 5th grade teacher for the 2018-2019 school year. These are full time positions, but we encourage both part-time and full-time applicants. Please contact the administrator, Ryan Van Overloop, at ryan.vanoverloop@dyerprcs.org or 219-558-2660.

Trinity Christian High School of Hull, IA, is seeking a Bible and church history teacher for the 2018-2019 school year. The successful applicant will be a member of the Protestant Reformed Churches and willing to seek Iowa certification. To find out more information or to apply for the position please contact principal Jim Regnerus (jregnerus@trinitychs.org , 712-470-0424) or education committee chairman Craig Hoksbergen ( crghoks@outlook.com , 712-441-6139).

The Protestant Reformed School in Wingham is in need of a teacher to serve in our school. Our need is especially for a middle school teacher or a high school mathematics and science teacher.  However, we encourage all interested teachers or prospective teachers to contact us as we are flexible with grade and class assignments. Please contact the Education Committee at educationcommittee@prswingham.org for more information on our need, the school, and any other questions you have.

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